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Lore Magic Points Description Learned From
Condemned 20 When the countdown reaches 0 target becomes Wounded. Ineffective vs. Undead. Critic, Dark Force, Nerapa, Still Life, Veteran, Zombone
Roulette 10 Someone becomes Wounded at random during battle. Effective vs. Undead. Critic, Dark Force, Pipsqueak, Veteran
Clean Sweep 30 Summon a tsunami to wash away enemies. Very effective vs. desert dwellers. Atma, Blue Drgn, Dark Force, Enuo
Aqua Rake 22 Engulf an enemy in seething foam. This spell has both water and wind attributes. Actaneon, Anguiform, Blue Drgn, Chimera, Dark Force, Enuo, Rhyos, Suriander, Vectagoyle
Aero 41 This wind spell casts an enemy headlong into an abrasive whirlwind. Dark Force, Doom Gaze, Harpiai, Harpy, Poltrgeist, Rhyos, Sprinter, Storm Drgn, Tyranosaur
Blow Fish 50 This giant burst of needles deals 1000 points of damage to any enemy. Brain Pan, Cactrot, Dark Force, KatanaSoul, Mover, Phase, Phunbaba, Presenter
Big Guard 70 Casts both Shell and Safe on all party members at once. Dark Force, Earthguard, Guardian, Mover
Revenge 31 Deal damage to enemy equal to your max HP - current HP. Lower HP means more damage. Borras, Dark Force, Dragon, Gigantos, Pan Dora, Red Wolf
Pearl Wind 45 Cure party for an amount equal to your present HP. Abolisher, Curley, Dark Force, Ogor, Peepers, Sprinter, Storm Drgn, Vectaur
L.5 Doom 22 Casts Doom on an enemy whose level is a multiple of 5. Dark Force, Didalos, Dueller, Goblin, Sky Base, Trapper
L.4 Flare 42 Casts Flare on an enemy whose level is a multiple of 4. Apokryphos, Dark Force, Dueller, Goblin, Mag Roader, Trapper
L.3 Muddle 28 Casts Muddle on a foe whose level is a multiple of 3. Apokryphos, Dante, Dark Force, Goblin, Trapper
Rflect??? ??? Puts Dark,Mute and Slow status on a Rflected enemy. Dark Force,
L.? Pearl 50 Casts Pearl on an enemy whose level is a multiple of your present GP's single digit. Critic, Dark Force, Dullahan, Innoc
Step Mine Elapsed playtime x 2 1/32 of walk steps is dealt as damage. Brachosaur, Crawler, Dark Force, Greasemonk, Intangir, Master Pug, Mesosaur, Pug, Tomb Thumb
Force Field 24 Randomly nullifies attacks of certain types. Effectiveness increases per use. Dark Force, Doom
Dischord 68 Level reduced by half during battle. Fractions are rounded up. Chaser, Crawler, Dark Force, Figaliz, Iron Hitman, Lizard, Pipsqueak, Scullion
Sour Mouth 32 Puts Mute,Imp,Poison,Dark,Sleep and Muddled status on an enemy. Some are immune. Dark Force, Evil Oscar, Mad Oscar
Pep Up 1 Sacrifice yourself to give an ally max HP/MP and clear any abnormal status. Dark Force, Flan, Intangir, Junk, Muus
Rippler 66 Swap all status changes,including defence bonuses,with target enemy. Blue Drgn, Dark Force, Reach Frog
Stone 22 A stone damages and Muddles foe. If your level = enemy level, damage is multiplied by 8. 1st Class, Brawler, Dark Force, Guardian, Iron Fist, Poppers
Quasar 50 Call down a meteor storm from outer space. Ignores defence bonuses. Dark Force, Goddess
GrandTrain 64 Strike through any defence with a triangular burst of energy. Hidon
Exploder 1 Suicidal explosion dealing damage equal to your present HP. Balloon, Bomb, Dark Force, Grenade, Junk, Pipsqueak, Repo Man, Scullion, Wart Puck