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Planning Ahead

As we all know, planning ahead goes a long way when playing any rpg. This page provides ideas for party formation and magic learning to help players get through the rough spots and have the members and spells needed to help move through the game with less stress.

  1. Always have Locke in your party in the World of Balance through Crescent Island. Since he's required for rescuing the espers from the MagiTek Research Facility and finding the espers at Crescent Island, it doesn't hurt to have him in your party learning spells and leveling up when he can.
  2. Try to use Celes, Sabin, Edgar and Setzer in the World of Balance. As these will be the first people you pick up in the World of Ruin having them at a higher level and knowing a few spells doesn't hurt.
  3. Most of the enemies in the MagiTek Research Facility are weak against Bolt so having multiple characters learn Bolt can help.
  4. Teach Locke and Terra Ice2 before leaving for Crescent Island. This will make the trip through the burning house a breeze.
  5. Teach Locke and Terra (and Strago if you're patient) Bolt2 before finishing the esper mountain on Crescent Island. This will make the fight with Ultros at the end very easy.
  6. Buy throwable items (skeans, etc...) and the best equipment available for Shadow before you go to the Floating Continent. This way Shadow will have the best gear available when starting off through one of the toughest areas in the game.
  7. Teach Celes and Sabin Bio before visiting Molbiz in the World of Ruin. Phunbaba is weak against poison and will fall quickly to Bio attacks.