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Sabin Rene Figaro
"Edgar's twin brother, who traded the throne for his own freedom..."

Occupation:Martial Artist
Height/Weight:6' 2"/233 lbs.
Blood Type:O

After his father dies, Sabin was faced with ruling a country, a job he had no care for. To let chance decide their fate, Sabin and Edgar leave the fate of Figaro's ruler to a coin toss, which Edgar won. Leaving the drama of civilization behind, Sabin focuses on his training where he watches the world slip further into chaos.


Sabin Blitzes are martial arts moves that Sabin can perform in battle. Blitzes are input on the controller in a manner similar to fighting games.

Blitz Move Effect
Pummel left right left Deals physical damane to an ememy
Suplex X Y down up Deals physical damange to an enemy
Aura Bolt down down left left Deals holy damage to an enemy
Fire Dance left down left down down right right Deals Fire damage to all enemies
Mantra R L R L X Y Heals other party members
Air Blade up up right right down right down down left left Deals wind damage to all enemies
Spiraler R L X Y right left Restores all hit poins of other party members and kills Sabin
Bum Rush left up left up up right right down right down down left left Deals significant physical damage to one enemy

Low Hit Point Attack

Sabin Tiger Break

Attack enemy while wearing a tiger mask.

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