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  1. Casting Vanish on enemies makes them extremely vulnerable to magic, including bosses.
    Try casting Vanish then Doom or X-Zone on a boss and it will kill them most of the time.
    This is also known as the "Vanish/Doom" trick.
  2. Equip an Offering and a Genji Glove to attack 8 times in one round.
  3. Equip the Theif Glove on Locke to allow him to attack and steal at the same time (Capture). Equip Locke with a Genji Glove to steal (Capture) twice or equip an Offering to steal (Capture) four times.
  4. Equip Locke with a Thief Knife and the Offering and he can steal up to four times.
  5. Fight 255 battles with the Cursed Shield equipped to remove the curse and change it into the Paladin Shield.
  6. Equip a Ribbon when fighting with the Cursed Shield to remove all status ailments except for Condemn.
  7. Cast Quick on a part member with a Gem Box equipped to be able to cast four spells back to back (five if the caster casts Quick on themselves).
  8. WARNING: Bad things can happen to your game cartridge, like losing game saves, if you try the following glitch/trick. Take Relm, Gau and any other characters to the Veldt. Have Gau Leap into a group of enemies. When he comes back, have Relm sketch him. The game might glitch. Possible outcomes are lost save files, loads of items, equipment and relics in your inventory, or nothing at all.
  9. You must learn Mog's Water Rondo in the World of Balance. To start, take the airship to South Figaro. Go through Mt. Kolz to the Returner's Hideout. Then ride the Lete River until it deposits you by the crazy man's house. Again, go through where the Imperial Camp used to be, the Phantom Forest and Baron Falls, washing up on the Veldt. Then take the Serpent Trench to Nikeah. In the Serpent Trench is where Mog learns his Water Rondo. Finally take the freighter back to South Figaro from Nikeah to get back to the airship.
  10. Cast Doom on a party member wearing the Relic Ring (or have the "Undead" status ailment) to heal them completely.
  11. Go to Gogo's status screen and you will notice that you can select what abilities you want Gogo to have at the bottom left part of the screen. Select a slot and you can select pretty much any ability that any oher character can use, like Blitz, Sword Tech or Throw.
  12. Economizers can be stolen from/dropped by Aquilas and Brachosaurs.
  13. Cast Imp on a character then equip them with the Imp Halberd, Imp's Armor, Tortoise Shield and Titanium Helm to have a super-powerful character. Use a rename card to rename them to "Kappa" if you want to go all the way.
  14. Using a Phoenix Down on undead enemies will kill them instantly, including bosses (like the Phantom Train, hint, hint).
  15. Giving Umaro a Green Cherry in battle, just like Umaro did on himself in his boss battle, will raise his attack power.
  16. Elixirs can be found in most clocks around the world, as long as they aren't in shops.
  17. Having troubles learning Lores for Strago? Have Relm Control the monster that has the Lore that you want and make the monster use that Lore on Strago.
  18. To get more than one Experience Egg, bet an Elixir at the Coliseum. Then bet the winnings of that battle and so on and so forth until you win an Experience Egg.
  19. Cast Quick on Cyan to bypass the normal waiting period for higher level Sword Techs, using any level Sword Tech immediately.
  20. The espers Golem and Zoneseek can be found at the Auction House (by bidding of course).
  21. When playing a multi-party part of the game, if one party stays on the save spot, the other party(ies) can save, use tents and sleeping bags.
  22. You can steal Elixirs from the Peepers and Megalixirs from the Earthguards on the Solitary Island.
  23. You can steal Econimizers from Aquilas in the Phoenix Cave and Brachosaurs (in the Dinosaur Forest) drop Economizers.
  24. You can find Intangirs on the lone island in the northeast part of the World of Balance (where Triangle Island is in the World of Ruin).
  25. Equipping Umaro with a Guantlet will increase his attack and defense.
  26. Equip a relic that prevents a status ailment to remove/cure that status ailment.
  27. Equip armor on Celes that will make her weak against an element (like the Cursed Shield) and then have her use Runic. Now she will absorb any spell of that element cast and gain double magic points back because of her weakness to the element.
  28. For an effortless way to level up, take a party on the Lete River. When you get to the point where you can go either Up or Left, go left. Make sure That everyone has their most powerful attacks on by using the memory feature in the game options If you have Banon in your party, have him use Health. if you don't have Banon, make sure everyone has the Cure Ring equipped. Then tape down the confirm button on your controller. Your party will continue to loop around the same piece of river and fight when they get into battle, earning levels and even level 99 in just a few days.