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NOTE: If an enemy can't be sketched or controlled it won't be listed.
Enemy Sketch Control
Abolisher Duster, Poison Battle, Duster, Poison
Actaneon Clamp, Aqua Rake Battle, Clamp
Adamanchyt Claw, Blaster Battle, Claw, Acid Rain
Allosaurus Doom, Poison Claw Battle, Poison Claw, Doom
Allover Fight, Dead End Battle, Dead End
Anemone Giga Volt, Imp Battle, Bolt3, Giga Volt
Anguiform Garrote, Aqua Rake Battle, Garrote, Aqua Rake
Apokryphos L.3 Muddle, Silencer Battle, Silencer, L.3 Muddle, L.4 Flare
Apparite Slip Touch Battle, Slip Touch, Imp
Aquila Flap, Cyclonic Battle, Flap, Cyclonic, Shimsham
Areneid Numb, Fight Battle, Numb
Aspik Giga Volt, Numb Spine Battle, Paralyze, Giga Volt
Balloon Pep Up, Expolder Battle, Pep Up, Exploder
Barb-e Slap, Love Token Battle, Slap, Muddle, Dispel
Baskervor Claw, Absolute 0 Battle, Claw, Blizzard
Beakor Fight, Duster Battle, Duster
Behemoth Take Down, Meteor Battle, Take Down, Fire3, Meteor
Black Dragon SandStorm, FallenOne Battle, Sand Storm, Bolt3, Doom
Bleary Fight, Slumber Battle, Slumber, Dread
Bloompire Energy Sap, Bio Battle, Energy Sap, Bio, Doom
Bogy Fight, Oogyboog Battle, Oogyboog
Bomb Exploder, Blaze Battle, Exploder, Blaze
Borras Uppercut Battle, Uppercut
Bounty Man Fight, Bite Battle, Bite
Boxed Set Mirror Orb, Meteor Battle, Mirror Orb, Meteor, Lode Stone
Brachosaur Step Mine, Swing Battle, Swing
Brainpan Smirk, Blow Fish Battle, Smirk, Blow Fish
Brawler Fight, Punch  
Brontaur Wall, Fire3 Battle, Fire3, Wall, Meteor
Buffalax Fight, Riot Battle, Riot, Storm
Bug Fight, Stone Spine Battle, Stone Spine
Cactrot Mindsting, Blow Fish Battle, Mindsting, Blow Fish
Cephaler Fight, Husk Battle, Husk, Stop
Ceritops Giga Volt, Imp Battle, Bolt3, Giga Volt
Chaos Dragon Fight, Disaster Battle, Cinderizer, Disaster, Meteor
Chaser Program 17, Plasma Battle, Program 17, Plasma, Dischord
ChickenLip Lash, Quake Battle, Lash, Quake
Chimera Frisky, Aqua Rake Battle, Frisky, Blizzard, Aqua Rake
Chitonid Fight, Carapace Battle, Carapace
Cirpius Fight, Beak Battle, Beak, Break
Cluck Lash, Quake Battle, Lash, Quake
Coelecite Magnitude8, HypnoSting Battle, Hypno Sting, Magnitude 8
Commander Fight, Fire Battle, Fire
Commando Fight, Program 65 Battle, Program 65, Shell
Covert Wind Slash, Disappear Battle, Disappear, Wind Slash, Rage
Crass Hopper Fight, Flap Battle, Flap
Crawler Feeler, Step Mine Battle, Feeler, Step Mine
Crawly Fight, Heartburn Battle, Heartburn, Magnitude 8
Critic Condemned, Slip Seed Battle, Slip Seed, Condemned
Cruller Brain Sugar, Slimer Battle, Brain Storm
Crusher Blow, Lifeshaver Battle, Crush, Lifeshaver
Dahling Mute, Cure2 Battle, Mute, Cure2
Dante QuartzPike, L.3Muddle Battle, Quartz Pike, L.3 Muddle, Ice2
Dark Force Clean Sweep, L.5 Doom Battle, L.5 Doom, PearlWind, CleanSweep
Dark Side Slip Touch, Fire3 Battle, Slip Touch, Fire
Dark Wind Fight, Dive Battle, Dive
Deep Eye Dreamland, Dread Battle, Dreamland, Dread
Delta Bug Rush, Mega Volt Battle, Rush, Mega Volt
Didalos Quake, Poison Tusk Battle, Flare, Flare Star, Blaster
Displayer Rib, Doom Battle, Rib, Doom, X-Zone
Doberman Fight, Bite Battle, Bite
Doom Dragon Fallen One, N.Cross Battle, Fallen One, N.Cross, S.Cross
Dragon Tail, Revenge Battle, Tail, Revenge, Blizzard
Drop Mad Signal, Muddle Battle, Mad Signal, Muddle
Dueller Giga Volt, Megahit Battle, Megahit, Mega Volt, Giga Volt
Earthguard BigGuard, PoisonTail Battle, Poison Tail, Big Guard
Eland Stench, Bio Battle, Stench, Bio, Fire3
Enuo Slime, Clean Sweep Battle, Slime, Clean Sweep, Aqua Rake
Evil Oscar Poison, Sour Mouth Battle, Sneeze, Poison, Sour Mouth
Exocite Fight, Scissors Battle, Scissors
Exoray Virite, Doom Pollen Battle, Virite, Doom Pollen
Fidor Fight, Pounce Battle, Pounce
Figaliz Dischord, Gunk Battle, Gunk, Dischord, Raid
Flan Slip Gunk, Slimer Battle, Slip Gunk, Slimer
Fortis Double Arm, Shrapnel Battle, Double Arm, Fireball, Snowball
Fossil Fang Bone, Sand Storm Battle, Bone, Sand Storm, X-Zone
Gabbldegak Gold Wrench, Vanish Battle, Gold Wrench, Vanish
Garm Program 95, Frost3 Battle, Program 95, Fire2
Geckorex Petriglare, Break Battle, Petriglare, Break, Dread
General Bio Attack, Cure2 Battle, Bio Attack, Cure2
Ghost Fire, X-Zone Battle, Fire
Gigan Toad Croak, Slimer Battle, Croak, Slimer
Gigantos Fight, Throat Job Battle, Throat Job, Revenge
Gilomantis Sickle, Lode Stone Battle, Sickle, Shrapnel
Gloom Shell Rock, Net Battle, Rock, Net
Gobbler Silence, Shimsham Battle, Silence, Shimsham
Goblin Fire3, Bolt3 Battle, Fire3, Bolt3, Ice3
Gold Bear Fight, Gouge Battle, Gouge
Greasemonk Fight, Lode Wrench Battle, Lode Wrench, Step Mine
Grenade Mesmerize, Blaze Battle, Mesmerize, Blaze, Fireball
Gt Behemoth Hay Maker, Meteor Battle, Hay Maker, Meteor, Fire3
Guard Fight Battle
Hades Gigas HeadButt, Magnitude 8 Battle, Head Butt, Magnitude 8
Harpiai Aero, Nail Battle, Nail, Aero
Harpy Grip, Cyclonic Battle, Grip, Cyclonic, Aero
Harvester Sickle, Fire Wall Battle, Sickle, Drain
Hazer Fight, Drain Battle, Drain, Fire
Heavy Armor Tek laser, Metal Hand Battle, Metal Hand, Tek Laser
Hemophyte Shock Wave, Hit Battle, Cursed Gaze, Shock Wave, Pearl
Hermit Crab Rock, Net Battle, Rock, Net
Hipocampus Acid Rain, Flash Rain Battle, Acid Rain, Flash Rain
Hoover Crush, Sand Storm Battle, Crush, Sand Storm, Quake
Hornet Fight, Iron Needle Battle, Iron Needle
Humpty Hug, Poison Battle, Hug, Poison
Ing Glare, Lifeshaver Battle, Glare, Lifeshaver
Innoc Fight, L.? Pearl Battle, L.? Pearl
Insecare Fight, Flap Battle, Flap
Intangir Step Mine, Sleep  
Io Plasma, Crush Battle, Crush, Plasma, Blaster
Iron Fist Fight, Stone Battle, Knee Kick, Stone
Iron Hitman Dischord, Destroy Battle, Dischord, Destroy, Tek Laser
Joker Parasol, Bolt2 Battle, Parasol, Bolt2, Acid Rain
Junk Parallout, Bolt3 Battle, Parallout, Pep Up, Exploder
Karkass Break, Bolt3 Battle, Break, Bolt3, Flare
Kiwok Imp, Cyclonic Battle, Remedy
Land Worm Compress, Magnitude 8 Battle, Compress, Magnitude8, LodeStone
Latimeria Wind-up, Magnitude 8 Battle, Wind-up, Magnitude 8
Leafer Fight, Incisor Battle, Incisor
Lethal Weapon Metal Arm, Megazerk Hit, Megazerk
Lich Fire, Fire2 Battle, Fire, Fire2, Fire3
Lizard Imp, Remedy Battle, Break, Dischord
Lobo Fight, Tusk Battle, Tusk
Lunaris Fight, Face Bite Battle, Face Bite
Luridan Horn, Land Slide Battle, Horn, Land Slide, Cave In
M-Tek Armor Fight, Tek Laser  
Mad Oscar Drool, Sour Mouth Battle, Drool, Sour Mouth
Madam Pearl, Flare Battle, Flare, Pearl, Ice3
Mag Roader 1 Fight, Wheel Battle, Wheel
Mag Roader 2 Fight, Rush Battle, Rush
Mag Roader 3 Fight, Wheel Battle, Wheel
Mag Roader 4 Fight, Wheel Battle, Rush
Magic Urn Remedy, Cure3 Battle, Remedy, Cure3, W.Wind
Maliga Fight, Scissors Battle, Scissors, Remedy
Mandrake Stone Touch, Raid Battle, Stone Touch, Raid
Mantodea MindReaper, WindSlash Battle, Mind Reaper, Wind Slash
Marshal Fight, Charge Battle, Charge, Bolt3
Mesosaur T.Lash, Step Mine Battle, T.Lash, Step Mine
Mind Candy Sleep Sting, Fight Battle, Sleep Sting, Sleep
Misfit Glare, Lifeshaver Battle, Glare, Lifeshaver
Mover Fight, Disaster Battle, Big Guard
Muus Pep Up, Gunk Battle, Slimer, Pep Up
Nastidon Fight, Hug Battle, Hug
Nautiloid Ink, Fight Battle, Ink
Neck Hunter Mad Sickle, Imp Battle, Mad Sickle, Imp
Necromancer X-Zone, Doom Battle, Doom, Flare, X-Zone
Nightshade Poison Pod, Charm Battle, Poison Pod, Charm
Ninja FireSkean, WaterEdge Battle, FireSkean, WaterEdge, BoltEdge
Nohrabbit Cure, Cure2 Battle, Cure, Cure2, Remedy
Ogor Fight, Meteor Battle, Cold Dust, Pearl Wind
Opinicus Slide, Riot Battle, Wind Slash, Slide, Surge
Orog Bio, Pearl Battle, Bio, Pearl
Osprey Beak, Shimsham Battle, Beak, Shimsham
Osteosaur Fight Battle, Fossil
Outsider Fight, Ruin Battle, Metal Arm, Tek Laser
Over Grunk Bane Touch, Poison Battle, Bane Touch, Muddle
Over Mind Fight, Dread Battle, Dread
Pan Dora Hypno Gas, Revenge Battle, Hypno Gas, Revenge
Parasite Mind Stop, Giga Volt Battle, Mind Stop, Giga Volt
Parasoul SpinSlice, FlashRain Battle, Spin Slice, Flash Rain, El Nino
Peepers Tail, Pearl Wind Battle, Tail, Pearl Wind
Phase Blow Fish, Smirk Battle, Smirk, Blow Fish
Pipsqueak Imp, Roulette Battle, Demi, Quarter
Pluto Armor Crush, Tek Laser Battle, Crush, Tek Laser, Schiller
Pm Stalker Poison, Drain Battle, Poison, Drain, Bio
Poplium Fight, Slow Battle, Slow
Poppers Imp, Stone Battle, Break, Stone
Power Demon Flare, Daze Dance Battle, Daze Dance, Flare
Primordite Numblade, Fight Battle, Numblade
Proto Armor Program 35, Tek Laser Battle, Program 35, Tek Laser, Schiller
Prussian Fight, Bear Hug Battle, Bear Hug, Stone
Psychot Lifeshaver, Mindshock Battle, Lifeshaver, Mindshock
Pterodon Wing, Fireball Battle, Wing, Fireball
Pug Cleaver, Break Battle, Cleaver, Break
Pugs Fight  
Punisher Fight Battle
Rain Man Bolt3, Umbrawler Battle, Umbrawler, Bolt3, Flash Rain
Ralph Fight, Tackle Battle, Tackle
Reach Frog Tounge, Slimer Battle, Tounge, Slimer
Red Fang Fight, Rabies Battle, Rabies
Red Wolf Rush, Revenge Battle, Rush
Repo Man Wrench, Flare Battle, Wrench
Retainer Wind Slash, Tradeoff Battle, Condemned, Wind Slash, Tradeoff
Rhinotaur Mega Volt, Giga Volt Battle, Mega Volt
Rhinox Bane Strike, Life3 Battle, Bane Strike, Life3
Rhobite Fight, Incisor Battle, Incisor
Rhodox Snare, Near Fatal Battle
Rhyos El Nino, Surge Battle, Flare Star, El Nino, Surge
Rider SilverPike, Virite Battle, Virite, SilverPike
Rinn Fight, Slow Battle, Slow
Samurai Flare, Doom Battle, Flare, Doom, Haste2
Sand Horse Sand Storm, Clamp Battle, Sand Storm, Clamp
Sand Ray Fight, Tail Battle, Tail
Scorpion Fight, Doomsting Battle, Doomsting
Scrapper Knife, Elf Fire Battle, Knife, Elf Fire
Scullion Gamma Rays, Expolder Battle, Gamma Rays
Sea Flower Fight, Feeler Battle, Feeler
Sewer Rat Fight, Incisor Battle, Incisor
Sky Armor Backlash, Tek Laser Battle, Backlash, Tek Laser
Sky Base Doom, Giga Volt Battle, Doom
Sky Cap AtomicRay, SlipAnchor Battle, Slip Anchor, Tek Laser
Slam Dancer Fire2, Ice2 Battle, Fire2, Ice2, Bolt2
Slatter Choke, Shimsham Battle, Choke
Slurm Fight, Heartburn Battle, Heartburn, Magnitude 8, Quake
Soldier Fight, Scan Battle, Scan
Soul Dancer Drain, Osmose Battle, Drain, Osmose, Fire2
Sp Forces Fight, Blow Battle, Blow, Safe
Spectre Bolt, Fire Bolt, Fire
Spek Tor Scratch, Blaster Battle, Scratch, Acid Rain
Spit Fire Propeller, Tek Laser Battle, Propeller, Tek Laser, Schiller
Sprinter Drainbeak, Aero Battle, Drainbeak, Cyclonic
Sr Behemoth Sypno Gas, Fire3  
Steroidite Rush, Slide Battle, Rush, Blizzard, Blaster
Still Life Bane Kiss, Lullaby Battle, Bane Kiss, Lullaby, Condemned
StillGoing Fight, Slip Touch Battle, Slip Touch
Stray Cat Catscratch, Blaster Battle, Catscratch
Suriander Yawn, Aqua Rake Battle, Yawn, Aqua Rake
Tap Dancer Slow2, Waist Shake Battle, Waist Shake, Slow2, Haste
Telstar Launcher, Tek Laser  
Templar Fight, Axe Battle, Axe
Test Rider GoldLance, FlashRain Battle, Gold Lance, Flash Rain
Toe Cutter Doom Sickle, Shrapnel Battle, Doom Sickle, Shrapnel
Tomb Thumb Step Mine, Dash Battle, Step Mine, Dash
Trapper L.3 Muddle, L.5 Doom Battle, L.5 Doom, L.4 Flare, L.3 Muddle
Trilium Fight, Bane Touch Battle, Bane Touch
Trilobiter Fight, Poison Barb Battle, Poison Barb, Poison
Trixter Fire, Fire2 Battle, Fire, Fire2, Fire3
Trooper Fight, Swing Battle, Swing
Tumbleweed Blinder, Lifeshaver Battle, Blinder, Lifeshaver
Tusker Gore, Blizzard Battle, Gore
Tyranosaur Bite, Aero Battle, Bite, Slow, Haste
Uroburos Bio, Quake Battle, Bio, Quake
Ursus Scratch, Fire2 Battle, Scratch
Vaporite Fight, Slow Battle, Slow
Vectagoyle Giga Volt, Aqua Rake Battle, Giga Vlt, Aqua Rake, Blaze
Vectaur Tusk, Pearl Wind Battle, Claw, Pearl Wind
Vector Pup Fight, Bite Battle, Bite
Vermin Bacteria, Bio Battle, Bacteria, Bio
Veteran Fight, Roulette Battle, Doom, X-Zone, Roulette
Vindr Beak, Acid Rain Battle, Beak, Acid Rain
Vomammoth Bear Claw, Blizzard Battle, Bear Claw, Blizzard
Vulture Blinder, Shimsham Battle, Blinder, Shimsham
Warlock Magic Drain, Pearl Battle, Magic Drain, Pearl
Wart Puck Fight, Yawn Battle, Yawn, Exploder
Weed Feeder Fight, Flap Battle, Flap, Berserk
Were Rat Fight, Bite Battle, Bite
Whisper Quarter, Demi Battle, Fire, Demi
White Dragon Flare, Pearl  
Wild Cat Pounce, Blaster Battle, Pounce, Blaster
Wild Rat Fight, Scratch Battle, Scratch
Wirey Dragon Wing, Cyclonic Battle, Wing, Cyclonic
Wizard Rasp, Demi Battle, Rasp, Demi, Stop
Woolly Frenzy, W.Wind Battle, Frenzy
Wyvern Slip Wing, Cyclonic Battle, Slip Wing, Cyclonic
Zombone Bone, Bolt3 Battle, Bone, Poison, Bio