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Spell Filters

NameMagic PointsCategoryDescription Espers
Antidote3WhiteCures PoisonKirin x4
Berserk16SupportInflicts Beserk on targetPhantom x3
Bio26BlackA stronger version of PoisonShoat x8
Bolt6BlackDeals a small amount of Bolt damageBismark x20, Ramuh x10
Bolt222BlackDeals a moderate amount of Bolt damageMaudin x3, Ramuh x2
Bolt353BlackDeals a large amount of Bolt damageTritoch x1
Break25BlackInflict PetrifyShoat x5
Cure5WhiteHeals a small amount of Hit PointsKirin x5, Shiva x3, Sraphim x20, Starlet x25
Cure225WhiteHeals a moderate amount of Hit PointsGolem x5, Kirin x1, Sraphim x8, Starlet x16, Unicorn x4
Cure340WhiteHeals a large amount of Hit PointsPhoenix x2, Starlet x1
Demi33BlackCut target's Hit Points by 1/2Phantom x5
Dispel25SupportRemove all spells from targetAlexander x10, Unicorn x2
Doom35BlackInstantly kill one targetShoat x2
Drain15BlackSteal Hit Points from the target to heal selfIfrit x1
Fire4BlackDeals a small amount of Fire damageBismark x20, Ifrit x10, Siren x6
Fire220BlackDeals a moderate amount of Fire damageIfrit x5, Maudin x3
Fire351BlackDeals a large amount of Fire damagePhoenix x3, Tritoch x1
Flare45BlackDeals large non-elemental damage to one enemyBahamut x2
Float17SupportAdds Float to targetPalidor x5, Stray x2
Flood60BlackDeals large Water elemental damage to all enemies (Final Fantasy VI Advance Only)Leviathan x2
Gravija70BlackCut all enemies' Hit Points by 7/8 (Final Fantasy VI Advance Only)Diablos x3
Haste10SupportAdd Haste to a targetCarbuncle x3, Palidor x20
Haste238SupportAdd Haste to a target groupCactuar x5, Palidor x2
Ice5BlackDeals a small amount of Ice damageBismark x20, Shiva x10
Ice221BlackDeals a moderate amount of Ice damageMaudin x3, Shiva x5
Ice352BlackDeals a large amount of Ice damageTritoch x1
Imp10SupportInflicts/Cures Imp on targetStray x5
Life30WhiteRevives a character with a small amount of Hit PointsBismark x2, Phoenix x10, Sraphim x5
Life260WhiteRevives a character with full Hit PointsPhoenix x2
Life350WhiteCasts re-rasisePhoenix x1
Merton85BlackDeals large amounts of Fire damage to everyone in battle, friend and foeCrusader x1
Meteor62BlackDeals moderate non-elemental damage to all enemiesCrusader x10, Odin x1
Muddle8SupportInflicts Confusion on targetStray x7
Mute8SupportInflict Silence on targetSiren x8
Osmose1SupportAbsorb target's Magic PointsShiva x4, Zoneseek x15
Pearl40BlackDeals Holy damageAlexander x2
Poison3BlackInflict PoisonRamuh x5
Quake50BlackDeals large amounts of Earth damamge to everyone in battle touching the groundTerrato x3
Quarter48BlackCut target's Hit Points by 3/4Diablos x5, Terrato x1
Quick99SupportAllows target to perform two actions at onceGilgamesh x1, Raiden x1
Rasp12SupportReduce target's Hit PointsShiva x4, Zoneseek x20
Reflect22SupportAdds Reflect to targetCarbuncle x5
Regen10WhiteSlowly regenerates Hit PointsKirin x3, Sraphim x10, Starlet x20
Remedy15WhiteCurse all status ailments except for Zombie, Imp and WoundedAlexander x15, Sraphim x4, Starlet x20, Unicorn x3
Safe12SupportIncreases target's defenseAlexander x10, Carbuncle x2, Golem x5, Unicorn x1
Scan3SupportSee an enemies Level, Hit Points, Magic Points, Weaknesses and ProtectionsKirin x5
Shell15SupportIncreases target's magic defenseAlexander x10, Carbuncle x2, Unicorn x1, Zoneseek x5
Sleep5SupportInflicts Sleep on targetSiren x10
Slow5SupportInflicts Slow on a targetPalidor x20, Siren x7
Slow226SupportInflicts Slow on a target groupPalidor x2
Stop12SupportInflicts Stop on targetFenrir x3, Golem x5
Ultima80BlackDeals large non-elemental damage to all enemiesRagnorak x1
Valor20SupportIncreases target's next physical attack for one turn. (Final Fantasy VI Advance Only)Gilgamesh x5
Vanish18SupportAdds Vanish to targetCactuar x10, Phantom x3
W. Wind75BlackDeplete everyone's hit points to 10% friend and foe 
Warp20SupportEscape from battle or leave towns/dungeonsCactuar x20, Carbuncle x2, Fenrir x10
X-Zone53BlackInstantly kill enemy partyFenrir x5