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Status Effects

  Status Remedies
  Name Effect Magic Item
Berserk Berserk Character goes on rampage only attacking enemies during battle. Dispel  
Clear Clear Makes the character immune to physical attacks but vulnerable to magic attacks. Dispel Remedy
Condemned Condemned Character has a limited amount of time to finish battle before dying.    
Dark Dark Character is blind, causing them to miss when attacking in battle. Remedy Eye Drop, Remedy
Float Float Character floats above ground, preventing damange from Quake attacks and spells. Float, Dispell Ribbon
Haste Haste Character can perform actions more frequently in battle. Dispell, Slow, Stop  
Imp Imp Turns the character into an imp. Characters with Imp on them can equip Imp armor. Imp Green Cherry
Muddled Muddled Character is confused in battle and attacks the party. Remedy Remedy
Mute Mute Character is unable to cast spells. Remedy Echo Screen, Remedy
Petrify Petrify Turns the character into stone, rendering them useless. Remedy Soft, Remedy
Poison Poison Character gradually loses hit points during battle or while walking around. Antidote, Remedy Antidote, Remedy
Regen Regen Character slowly regain hit points during battle.    
Reflect Reflect Character reflects most magic spells back at the caster.    
Safe Safe Character gains added protection from physical attacks. Dispel  
Shell Shell Character gains added protection from magical attacks and spells. Dispel  
Sleep Sleep Character sleeps in battle until they wake up or are hit. Remedy Remedy
Slow Slow Character slows down in battle, taking turns less often. Dispel  
Stop Stop Character is frozen in time, rendering them useless in battle. Dispel  
Wounded Wounded Character is dead and useless. Life, Life2, Life3 Phoenix Down
Zombie Zombie Character is undead, causing them to be hurt by healing spells and items and they become uncontrollable in battle.   Revivify