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Enemy Equpiment Guide

As you work your way through Final Fantasy VI, you'll come across enemies that are holding onto equipment that will want for yourself. Below is a list of decent equipment that can either be stolen or is dropped throughout the game at a point when the equipment is worthwhile.

NOTE: Many enemies and bosses have two items that can be stolen, but only one is available to steal in battle. If you don't steal the "good" item in a boss fight, reset your game and try again and see if the boss was loaded with the "good" item this time.
World of Balance
Enemy Equipment to Steal Equipment Dropped Location
Marshall Mythril Knife   Narshe
Rhinotaur Mythril Claw   South Figaro Area
Brawler Bandana   Mt. Kolts
Exocite Mythril Claw   Lete River
Pterodon Guardian   Lete River
Merchant Guardian   South Figaro
Tunnel Armor Air Lancet   Figaro Cave
Leader   Black Belt Imperial Camp
Telstar   Green Beret Imperial Camp
Specter   Hyper Wrist Phantom Train
Rider Mythril Vest   Narshe
Spectre Ice Rod   Narshe Mines
Harvester Dragoon Boots   Zozo
Slam Dancer Thief Knife   Zozo
Hades Gigas Atlas Armlet   Zozo
Dadaluma Sneak Ring Thief Knife Zozo
Joker Green Beret   Vector Area
Ralph Tiger Mask   Vector Area
Wyvern Dragoon Boots   Vector Area
Number 024 Drainer Flame Sabre, Blizzard Magi-Tek Research Facility
Number 128 - Body Tempest   Magi-Tek Research Facility
Baskervor Gaia Gear   Thamasa Area
Dragon Genji Glove   Floating Continent
Gigantos   Hardened Floating Continent
Ninja   Ninja Star Floating Continent
Atma Weapon Ribbon   Floating Continent

World of Ruin
Enemy Equipment to Steal Equipment Dropped Location
Earth Guard Megalixir   Solitary Island
Phunbaba   Fenrir Daryl's Tomb
Presenter   Dragon Claw Daryl's Tomb
Punisher Bone Club   Mt. Zozo
Borras Muscle Belt   Mt. Zozo
Storm Dragon Force Armor   Mt. Zozo
Allo Ver   Tiger Fangs Cave in the Veldt
Sr. Behemoth Murasame Valiant Knife Cave in the Veldt
Sr. Behemoth - Undead   Behemoth Suit Cave in the Veldt
Dahling Moogle Suit   Owzer's House
Night Shade Nutkin Suit   Owzer's House
Still Life Fake Mustache   Owzer's House
Wild Cat Tabby Suit   Owzer's House
Soul Dancer Moogle Suit   Owzer's House
Vindr Chocobo Suit   Owzer's House
Aquila Economizer   Phoenix Cave
Red Dragon   Strato Phoenix Cave
Reach Frog Tack Star   Narshe Area
Sprinter   Imp's Armor Narshe Area
Geckorex Tortoise Shield Tortoise Shield Narshe Area
Mantodea Imp Halberd   Narshe Area
Tyranosaur Imp's Armor Imp Halberd Dynosaur Forest
Brachosaur Ribbon Economizer Dynosaur Forest
Ice Dragon   Force Shield Narshe
Pug   Tintinabar Umaro's Cave
Pugs Minerva Minerva Umaro's Cave
Covert Tack Star   Gogo's Cave
Ogor Murasame   Gogo's Cave
Dirt Dragon   Magus Rod Opera House
Katana Soul Murasame, Strato Offering Ancient Castle
Master Pug Megalixir Graedus Ancient Castle
Blue Dragon   Scimitar Ancient Castle
White Dragon   Pearl Lance Fanatic's Tower
Magi Master Crystal Orb Megalixir Fanatic's Tower
Doom Gaze   Bahamut Airship
Hidon Thornlet   Ebot's Rock
Gt. Behemoth Tiger Fangs   Kefka's Tower
Inferno Ice Shield   Kefka's Tower
Inferno - Rough Flame Shield   Kefka's Tower
Atma Crystal Orb   Kefka's Tower
Gold Dragon   Crystal Orb Kefka's Tower
Skull Dragon   Muscle Belt Kefka's Tower
Guardian Force Armor, Ribbon   Kefka's Tower
Doom   Sky Render Kefka's Tower
Goddess Minerva Excalibur Kefka's Tower
Poltergeist Red Jacket Aura Lance Kefka's Tower
Final Tower - Stage 3 - Sleep Atma Weapon   Kefka's Tower
Final Tower - Stage 3 - Girl Ragnarok   Kefka's Tower