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Terra Bradford
"A mysterious young woman, controlled by the Empire, and born with the gift of magic."

Height/Weight:5' 3"/106 lbs
Blood Type:Unknown
Hometown:Esper Town

Terra is the daughter of an esper father and a human mother. Stolen from her parents at a young age, Terra grew up with the empire and was eventaully robbed of conscious thought and controlled by the empire to do their bidding. Only after being freed of the empire's control can Terra explore her past and help those in need.


Terra Morph increases all of Terra's stats, allowing her her to heal more hit points, deal more damage, etc... Morph is on a timer, so try to get in as many turns with Terra as you can while she's morphed. Also, the less you use Morph, the longer you can stay Morphed, so try not to use Morph until it is nessecary.
Note: Terra will not be able to morph until she rejoins your party after rescuing the espers in the Magi-Tek research facility

Low Hit Point Attack

Terra Riot Blade

Spinning swords strike the enemies.

Natural Spells

Being half esper, Terra can learn several spells without the aid of espers during her adventures.

1CureHeals a small amount of Hit Points
3FireDeals a small amount of Fire damage
6AntidoteCures Poison
12DrainSteal Hit Points from the target to heal self
18LifeRevives a character with a small amount of Hit Points
22Fire2Deals a moderate amount of Fire damage
26WarpEscape from battle or leave towns/dungeons
33Cure2Heals a moderate amount of Hit Points
37DispelRemove all spells from target
43Fire3Deals a large amount of Fire damage
49Life2Revives a character with full Hit Points
57PearlDeals Holy damage
68BreakInflict Petrify
75QuarterCut target's Hit Points by 3/4
86MertonDeals large amounts of Fire damage to everyone in battle, friend and foe
99UltimaDeals large non-elemental damage to all enemies

Main Cast
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