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Walkthrough - Invasion of Narshe

 Maps: Coming Soon...
 Enemies: Guard, Lobo, Vomammoth

starting off   The game starts off with Vicks, Wedge and a strange girl invading Narshe to retrieve an esper(a magical creature). Move directly north through town and quickly dispense of your enemies. Terra's Bio Blast will make short work of all of the soldiers and thier animals. If anyone gets wounded use the Heal Beam to keep their hit points up.

Narshe Mines
 Maps: Coming Soon...
 Enemies: Repo Man, Vaporite, Were Rat
 Bosses: Whelk
 Treasure: Sleeping Bag, Tonic

mine shaft   After moving through town you'll come to the suspect mine shaft. Be sure to save at the save point at the beginning of the mine shaft. Terra's Bio Blast will heal the Were-Rats found in the mine shaft, so try to avoid using it. Contiunue to head due north through the mine shaft and you will come to your first boss battle, Whelk
Boss Battle - Whelk
Whelk   Whelk is an easy boss as along as you don't attack his shell. Attacking Whelk's shell will cause him to counter-attack with Mega Volt, which will deal significant damage to your whole party. So attack Whelk's head when it is exposed and when he retracts his head heal your party with Heal Beams while you wait for him to stick his head out again and Whelk will quickly fall(gotta love that Magi-Tek armor!).

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